Activated carbon (coconut shell / coal basis)

Activated carbon is roughly classified into vegetable and mineral depending on the manufacturing raw material. Activated carbon for water treatment KEMY CARBON TA-30 series is inspected in accordance with JWWA A 114: 2006 or JIS K 1474: 2014. We can also manufacture higher grade activated carbon according to the customer's specifications, so please contact us.


Coal-based (mineral) activated carbon TA-30C

Activated carbon made from coal.
Macropores with large pore diameters have been developed, and are suitable for removing organic substances with large molecular weight such as trihalomethane precursors such as humic substances. It is also used in the treatment of biological activated carbon, which supports organisms on activated carbon.

Yashigara-based (vegetable) activated carbon TA-30N

Activated carbon made from coconut husk.
It has developed micropores with small pore diameters and is suitable for removing small molecular weight organic substances such as 2MIB, geosmin, and trihalomethane that cause musty odors. Compared to coal-based activated carbon, it has a large specific surface area and high hardness, so it is often used to remove free residual chlorine.


Coal-based (mineral) activated carbon TA-30C

● Bioactivated carbon (BAC) treatment, which is one of the advanced water purification treatments
● Decolorization of groundwater containing humic chromaticity
● Removal of organic matter in groundwater and river water
● Saturation removal
● COD removal in wastewater

Yashigara-based (vegetable) activated carbon TA-30N

● Removal of musty odor components (2MIB, geosmin, etc.)
● Removal of free residual chlorine
● Removal of trihalomethanes


Product Name Type Activation method pH value Iodine adsorption
Methylene blue
decolorizing power(ml/g)
Filling density Hardness(%)
TA-30C Coal-based
Crushed coal
Water vapor 6~8 900~1050 150~190 0.4~0.5 95 more
TA-30N Yashigara
crushed charcoal
Water vapor 6~8 950~1100 150~180 0.4~0.5 95 more

We can manufacture products according to customer specifications. Please contact us.


Packaging unit:Craft paper bag(25L)、Flexible container back(1.0m3)
* Pallets can be stacked upon request.

When ordering, please specify the specifications, quantity, packing style, _and the presence _or absence of pallets.

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Coconut Shell Activated Carbon