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Physics Lab Equipment and Apparatus Setup for Kids

November 26, 2020

Wiltronics provides schools and laboratories with the best Science & lab supplies and equipment. With tons of available choices on the market, we always ensure we provide our customers with all the necessary physics lab equipment for conducting experiments.

Perfect for both students and experts studying motion, we guarantee you that you’ll have all the necessary equipment you need to bring Physics to life.

Listed below are our wide range of educational physics instruments and solutions for the basic science lab, readily available on our website.

Physics Equipment: Electrostatics

Electrostatics is the study of forces between charges. It arises from the forces that electric charges exert on each other.

We offer spectacular devices that can be used in a variety of electrostatics applications, including accessory sets and kits used for experiments. Check out below our comprehensive range to cover all your needs.

Electroscope Metal Vane IEC

An IEC rotary electroscope with metal vane (LQ1810-001) that is designed as a robust unit with high sensitivity when detecting electrostatic charge.

A 4mm socket is provided for earthing the metal casing and removable one glass side panel for accessibility.

IEC Electrostatics Kit Nuffield

This IEC Electrostatics Kit Nuffield (LQ1771-001) type is a more comprehensive kit for electrostatic teaching. For more advanced experiments, it includes an IEC metal vane electroscope and other components.

Large Van de Graaff Generator – 300mm Ball IEC

The Van de Graaff generator (LQ4133-101) can be used to demonstrate effects involving static electricity in a spectacular fashion. A large Van de Graaff generator rated at 400kV 220/240VAC.

It is a modern, compact, and durable instrument designed especially for use in the classroom with all parts completely exposed.

Other products:

Physics Equipment: Lights & Optics

Optics is the branch of physics that deals with light, its properties, and behavioural patterns.

Wiltronics offers a wide range of Physics laboratory instruments to study Light and Optics. We sourced our products from multiple suppliers and chose the best quality.

Check out below our available products to cover all your needs.

Glass Prisms & Slabs

Glass Prisms and Slabs are commonly used devices for studying the process of light refraction. To better understand refraction, we typically study prisms of various shapes and how light acts with them.

Lenses Concave and Convex

Perfect for teaching students about light and optics, these lenses are a staple of the physics lab. Available in a range of sizes and focal lengths.

We also offer Mirrors Concave and Convex as well, available in a range of focal lengths. They’re perfect for light & optics experiments in the physics classroom.

Lens Cleaning Paper

Designed for cleaning all optical lenses and mirrors, this is a tissue-like lens cleaning paper.  A gentle way of maintaining crystal clear lenses with the right lens cleaning solution.

Supplied in a book of 100 sheets, it will give you a stunningly clear finish. Suitable for microscope slides, telescopes, prisms, mirrors, spectacles etc.

Physics Equipment: Magnetism

Magnets are objects that can attract or pull on some metals, such as iron and steel. But other metals like copper or gold are not attracted to magnets. Check out our range of magnets for kids below, ideal for educational purposes and physics experiments!


A compass is a navigational instrument used to determine directions relative to Earth’s magnetic pole. It can be used to calculate heading, used with a sextant to measure latitude. It can also be used with a marine chronometer to measure longitude.

Check out our comprehensive range of compasses to cover all your needs.

Horseshoe Magnets

We have a wide range of horseshoe type magnets that comes with a keeper, creating a strong magnetic field between the poles. Perfect for lab and classroom settings, our horseshoe magnets are lighter and more powerful than U magnets and are available in 3 sizes.

Check out our comprehensive range of horseshoe magnets to cover all your needs.

Ring Magnets

Also known as ceramic magnets, ferrite ring magnets are a type of permanent magnet that is made out of rusted iron. Browse our range of ferrite ring magnets with various dimensions available.


Research study shows that all magnets have two poles, the North and South poles. Wiltronics offers a wide range of different types of magnets that are useful for magnetism experiments in the physics lab. Available in a range of styles, including:

  • Alnico Low Power Bar Magnet
  • Alnico Low Power U-Shaped Magnet
  • Rare Earth Magnet with Keeper

Check out our comprehensive range of magnets to cover all your needs.

Physics Equipment: Mass & Displacement

Check out our collection of calibration weights and calibration mass sets, available in a variety of styles for classroom and lab use. In addition, we also offer displacement vessels, as well as hooked and slotted masses for use in physics.

Shop Mass and Displacement Equipment here.

Physics Equipment: Motion, Force & Density

Frederiksen SpeedGate

Designed with a built-in timer and display, this SpeedGate (LQ0015) is a dual-beam photocell that is capable of precise speed measurements.

The velocity of the object passing through the photocell can be determined directly with two light rays while the display renders an external counter dispensable. This product also features the following:

  • Double light barrier – direct readout of speed
  • Expandable with external sensors, e.g. microphones
  • Several SpeedGates can be daisy-chained for extended experiments

Lever and Fulcrum 500mm

This lever and fulcrum (LQ9090) are 500mm long with weight adjustment screws on each end. It’s a great tool to have for any physics experiment or lab.

Newton Meter NaRiKa GN-1

This Digital Newton Meter (ME4150) comes with quick and precise force measurement that is capable of measuring at a resolution of 0.01N/1g. Also, it can measure both pushing and pulling forces of ± 19.99 N / ± 1,999 g.

What’s more, this unit features a robust hook that can be removed if necessary.

Physics Equipment: Motors & Induction

Motors and Induction equipment and tools are great to have in the classroom or in a laboratory environment. It allows the student to experiment on aspects of Magnetic Induction, Transformers, and AC/DC Motor theory.

Wiltronics sourced the highest-quality tools including motors kits and induction sets.

DC Motor Model

This DC Motor Model (LQ2190) can transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, featuring an open style DC motor model. It also uses a permanent magnet that creates field flux.

Plus, the motor comes with a small colour disc.

Hand-Held DC Generator

A great tool for school science projects or classroom demonstrations, this handheld DC generator (LQ9170) is a perfect instrument for demonstrating the transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy.

It consists of a small DC generator installed in transparent housing and is operated via a crank which can be turned to generate power or to increase rotation speed. It has a maximum output voltage of 6.3 V and a current of 1.2 A.

IEC Air Cored Solenoid

This Air Cored Solenoid (LQ0090-001) is formed on a strong moulded plastic bobbin and is used in several experiments. It’s suitable for any time a magnetic field is required of known field strength.

It contains 700 turns of copper wire and can carry about 5 amps maximum current. The wire terminates to 4mm socket head terminals which point inwards so that the ends of the solenoid can sit flat on the table.

Sizes available: 150mm long and 37mm bore.

Physics Equipment: Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics deals with the concepts of heat, temperature, and their relation to energy and physical properties of matter.

Wiltronics offers different apparatuses used to study the principles of Thermodynamics. We source the highest quality products used to demonstrate the different heat conductivity of different metals.

Crookes Radiometer

The Crookes Radiometer (TL1390) is a device that converts light radiation into rotary motion, featuring an airtight bulb with a partial vacuum for measuring radiant energy.

Inside the crystal clear polycarbonate bulb is a set of vanes which are suspended on a spindle and rotate when exposed to light. It makes the perfect learning tool companion to help students understand thermodynamics.

Thermal Expansion Experiments

Thermal Expansion Experiments are performed in order to understand the principles of thermal expansion of solid materials. It measures the results when a material is heated and expands through temperature change without any changes in the material phase. Additionally, it determines the coefficient of linear expansions for aluminium, brass, and copper materials.

Great for physics laboratory experiments, you can check out our wide range of Thermal Expansion products here, helping you demonstrate the different heat conductivity of different metals in no time!

Physics Equipment: Waveforms & Sound

Waveforms are representations of sound waves. And did you know that different waves can be combined to create more complex sounds?

We offer the Slinky & Snaky Waveform Set for demonstration as well as a Stethoscope. These are great tools for teaching students about wave behaviour, pulses behaviour, reflection, interference, and standing waves!

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