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Dye / Pigment Intermediates

The roots of our company are in the area of dye and pigment intermediates. Our dye intermediates of renowned quality are used in coloring agents for cotton materials, synthetic textiles and fibers. Our pigment intermediates have a high degree of purity. They are widely used as ingredients in printing ink, paints and cosmetics. In addition, we are actively manufacturing products which are closely tied to people’s daily lives, such as large quantities of interfacial active agent for leading detergent manufacturers.

Dye Intermediates

Our dye intermediates are used mainly by chemical manufacturers for textile coloring of cotton, synthetics, and synthetic fibers. They are also used in a wide variety of other areas such as paper pulp, leather, hair dyes and cosmetics.

Pigment Intermediates

We supply pigment intermediates as the raw materials for printing ink, a large variety of paints, and cosmetics. Our products have an excellent degree of purity made possible by our many years of experience and accumulated know-how in organic synthetic technology.
They have always won high praise from our customers.

Dye Intermediates