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Reliable medical-grade gases from a single‑source supplier

The list of supplies you need to keep your facility on schedule, in compliance and accessible for administering patient care is large, no matter where you are in the healthcare system. In addition to managing your medical-grade oxygen, medical-grade liquid nitrogen, and other medical gases and related equipment, you must also remain efficient. Choosing the right medical gas company can ensure that you:

Focus more on patient care.

We'll focus on your medical gases.

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  1. Deliver more efficient, cost effective and safer patient care in a challenging and changing environment
  2. Save time spent managing multiple suppliers
  3. Get the right amount of medical-grade gases, including medical-grade oxygen, to meet rigid regulatory and scheduling requirements

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Whether you need pure or mixed gases in a variety of volumes, Airgas can reliably supply the quality and quantity of product that best fits your requirements.

Cory Schwarzinger, Vice President Bulk, Northern Pacific Region

Medical-grade gases

With Airgas Healthcare, you’ll get more time to focus on what’s really important: patient care. Our gases help you meet regulatory compliance requirements and, with multiple supply modes to choose from, you get access to the right amount of gas you need to avoid runouts and maintain your schedule.

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