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Providing Medical Gases, Gas Systems and Equipment for Healthcare & Research:
Hospitals/Clinics, Laboratories, Physicians, Dermatology, Dental, and Veterinary Practices
Division Headquarters Delivery Throughout Western Washington, Oregon, and Alaska
Phone: (425) 228-2218
  • Scheduled Deliveries
  • 24/7 Emergency Support

NEW Temporary Hospital Medical Oxygen Inquiries - Coordinate Through Kirby Lang
Kirby M Lang
Sales Manager – Medical Gases
Central Welding Supply Co Inc
425 228-2218 Office
425 228-2397 Fax
425 864-1788 Mobile
[email protected]
Medical Gas Specialists
Teresa Buchholz Mark Murano
(206) 856-2247 (253) 377-9315
[email protected] [email protected]
Seattle Metro Area, Eastside, and
North Puget Sound
South Puget Sound
Scott Huereña Barry Groves
(425) 876-2105 (360) 281-7938
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SW Washington and Oregon Regions South Seattle Region

Sales Manager Medical Gases
Kirby Lang  
(425) 864-1788  
[email protected]  

Medical Gases Compliance Division
Quality Control Manager Medical Gas Compliance & Distribution
Gary Emerson Collin Holeman
[email protected] [email protected]
Delivery Throughout Western Washington, Oregon, and Alaska
Besides regular weekly delivery we offer same-day delivery, and scheduled weekend or after 5:00 PM weekday deliveries. While routine weekly deliveries are managed under the assigned delivery territories shown, both fulfillment centers support emergency deliveries, special events, and unplanned run-outs.
Delivery scheduling
Customers may choose between automatic prescheduled delivery (weekly, twice monthly, or monthly), OR call in for "as needed" delivery service.
Cylinder exchange program
Our exchange program allows for customers to have a full tank on-hand, as well as a spare, for timely and efficient change-out of your empty tanks.

Industry News & Compliance
Occupational Safety: Defibrillators
Does the State of Washington require Dentists to have an AED on premise? Is this rule still in force?
ANSWER: YES. The Washington Administrative Code (WAC-246-817-722) stands as written.
Download WAC 246-817-722

Washington State Compliance Requirements: Nitrous Oxide Sedation by Inhalation
WAC 246-817-740 | Training, Procedures, Administration, and Continuing Education
Quotation | Emergency Backup System for Nitrous Oxide
Occupational Safety for Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide is a controlled substance because It is dangerous to health and can be habit forming. Laws define the established exposure limits for employers to protect medical employees.

Medical Gases
FDA Compliance Certificate
Medical Gas License-Equip, Oregon Board of Pharmacy-Marysville, WA
Medical Gas License, Oregon Board of Pharmacy-Albany, OR
Medical Gas License, Oregon Board of Pharmacy-White City, OR
Medical Gas License, Oregon Board of Pharmacy-Portland, OR
Medical Gas License, Alaska Board of Pharmacy
  • USP Medical Grade Compressed Gases
  • Cryogenic Liquids for micro-bulk gas systems, calibration systems, dermatology, and more
  • Portable Oxygen
  • Cylinder and cylinder storage equipment
  • Regulators and flowmeters
  • Manifolds, fittings, and hosing
  • Custom Nitrous Systems
  • Safety products and personal protection
  • Gas Delivery throughout Western Washington, Oregon, and Alaska
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • System engineering and design
  • Support for regulatory compliance
Complaint Resolution Process
Please download and complete the Complaint Form linked below and fax to (360) 657-5852, Attention: Gary Emerson/Collin Holeman. Or, you may scan and attach the completed form to send via email to [email protected], or [email protected]
Complaint Form [PDF]
J 400 a1 Complaint, (05/2022) Rev. 5.0.2 GAWDA
We are able to document the specifications UHP grade products with a Certficate of Conformance (COC) or a Certificate of Analysis (COA). COA's, which represent certifications analyzed by tank, must be requested at the time of order.
See Specialty Gases for details.
Waste Anesthetic Gases
Anesthetic gases and vapors that leak into the surrounding room during medical procedures are considered waste anesthetic gases. It is estimated that more than 250,000 health care professionals who work in hospitals, operating rooms, dental offices and veterinary clinics, are potentially exposed to waste anesthetic gases and are at risk of occupational illness.


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