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TJCY-Product Manager-Personal Care, Home Care and I&I Cleaning

Purechele Chelate - In Every Field Of Chemistry Chelating agents are widely used in chemical research and industrial production. In the process of chemical industry and industrial production, adding chelating agents to make metal ions form completely different chelates is the main method to reduce and control the concentration of metal ions. Metal ions have a powerful influence on chemical processes as well as on the performance of many products. A wide range of problems associated with metal ions can be solved using chelating agents; from improving the efficiency of pulp bleaching to cleaning dairies, from increasing crop quality and yields to preserving food quality, and so on. Main application areas of chelating agents: • cleaners and detergents • industrial cleaning/descaling • textile processing • agricultural applications • mining processes • oil and gas production/processing • electronics • metal plating • photography • building applications • food and feed products • personal care products • polymer production • pulp and paper production • etc.

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