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Ankit Pulps and Boards has established the comprehensive manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale bulk supply of silicified microcrystalline cellulose. With the expertise and continued excellence in research and development, we have constantly pushed the boundaries and developed an exceptionally high-quality product.

Ankit Pulps and Boards

Ankit Pulps and Boards Pvt. Ltd. (APB), incorporated in the year 1988 is a Pioneer in manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Excipients – Microcrystalline Cellulose. A professionally managed group, APB delves into the manufacture of excipients for use diverse pharmaceutical industries. APB consists of an FDA & FSSAI approved in-house R & D Laboratory.

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High-Quality Excipient Material Tested and Research

As one of the leading microcrystalline cellulose suppliers, we make sure to not compromise on the quality and ensure it is produced with the help of research in the in-built lab. The microcrystalline cellulose of the MICCEL grades is a highly accepted excipient used in the pharmaceutical with its consistency and quality.

All our quality granular microcrystalline cellulose helps in the tabletting process with its high carrying capacity and compressibility capacity. Our cellulose powder has excellent properties that support compact tabletting with a high binding capacity. The tablets are hard and solid with a low rate of disintegration.

The manufacturing facility is designed and constructed with advanced technology and is approved by certified industrial standards. We follow all the GMP guidelines to ensure the complete safety of the product. The automated process reduces the chance of error and risk of contamination.

All our products are produced with the help of modern technology and comply with the FDA, WHO, US FDA, and EU-GMP standards. We have all the necessary certifications and regularly maintain standards through client audits and internal audits. Once the order has been processed, and the excipient is produced.

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To be globally recognized as an authentic source of Microcrystalline Cellulose with international benchmarks.

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We strive to establish our Company as the market leader, by meeting the growing needs of are customers consistently.

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Quality has always been our point of focus and it is of utmost importance to us.

Bulk Production of Highest Grade for Wholesale Supply

The cellulose powder is manufactured in bulk without compromising the quality and ensures a wholesale supply of the product. Also, the excipient microcrystalline cellulose of high grade is produced in bulk which is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry as it is used with active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Our mission is to become one of the best and leading manufacturers of microcrystalline cellulose excipient producers for the pharmaceutical, food industries. We use innovative and advanced technology to produce quality products and prioritize consistency. The excipient material is available at a cost-effective price when purchased in bulk for wholesale purposes.

Our Certfications

Our Certfications

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