Growing Responsibly

GP Cellulose is committed to meeting the evolving needs of our customers worldwide with quality products, global logistics and stewardship of our natural resources.


At GP Cellulose, we are committed to growing responsibly and sustainably.  From fiber sourcing practices, leveraging residual products, focus and commitment to using renewable energy, and social investments in the communities we serve and operate in – sustainability isn’t just a priority, it’s our business.

Responsible Supply Practices
GP Cellulose sources it’s fiber in a region with increasing forest area, strong rule of law, and responsible family forest landowners. This, in combination with sound sourcing practices, certifications, and conservation efforts, can ensure the progress and protection of our renewable resources for generations to come.

Renewable Energy
Using renewable energy and award-winning facilities, GP Cellulose is positioned to provide product solutions that benefit society – evident through becoming the first North American paper pulp mill to achieve EPA’s ENERGY STAR Certification.

Social Responsibility
GP Cellulose supports causes consistent with our belief that we should benefit society by practicing good stewardship and removing barriers that prevent people from reaching their potential – through conservation investments, strategic partnerships, and humanitarian projects.


GP Cellulose offers an extensive portfolio of kraft and specialty pulps designed to meet your needs.

Golden Isles® Fluff Pulp

SoftCel™ Fluff Pulp


Chemical Cellulose

Customized Fiber


We succeed when you do.  Our products and capabilities are built for your success.

Advantaged Supply Chain Service & Support

Close coordination between procurement, production mills, operations, quality, logistics and our service providers deliver end-to-end solutions for global customers.

Additionally, we have put in place our Global Audit Program (GAP) – a world-class, comprehensive supply chain risk mitigation exercise and training process that seeks to identify and partner with the best third-party logistics facilities in the world, allowing us to deliver high quality products with minimal defects to our customers.

Product Quality Assurance & Technical Services

GP Cellulose is dedicated to producing innovative, quality products delivered with assurance and the support of premier technical services.

Standardized grade specifications across mills offers flexibility to customers, while constant line improvements offer greater consistency and uniformity across products.  

In addition to constant product improvement, our technical services team is available to assist customers in troubleshooting customer equipment & processes, making operations as efficient and effective as possible.

Strategic Partnerships & Market Knowledge

GP Cellulose is privately owned, allowing us to invest in our people, facilities and capabilities – placing focus on the long-term success of our partnerships.  With this success in mind, we are continually adapting with the market to meet our customers evolving needs, making ease of doing business a priority.


GP Cellulose mills are strategically located near premier fiber supplies and shipping ports to support our global customers.

GP Cellulose focuses on each customer’s unique needs through tailored account management and strong financial partnerships.

GP Cellulose utilizes premier technology tools to enhance the customer experience and continually improve service.


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