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Plant seeds, herbs - Stevia sweetleaf

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The organic alternative to sweeteners: Stevia from your own windowsill.

The Indian sweetleaf (Stevia rebaudiana) has been used to sweeten food and drinks in its native region for centuries, thanks to its strong sweet flavour. In actual fact, the active component of the stevia plant, the so-called steviol glycoside, is many times sweeter than sugar, without any of its negative effects.

Only known among eco-enthusiasts and extreme raw fooders until recently, this natural sweetener is now experiencing increasing popularity, although a lot of the products available that contain stevia look like they may be an acquired taste. If you want to get an authentic impression of the taste and sweetness of this plant, you will be better off growing some for yourself.

Stevia can grow to become a bushy, medium-height plant (approx. 50cm) with soft leaves and shoots with hairs, and forms an off-white blossom in autumn.

For culinary use, you can pick or cut up the leaves, either fresh or dried, but it is advisable to only use them sparingly due to their extremely intense sweetness.

Usage: Perennially in an indoor garden, late spring to autumn in an outdoor space.

Stevia - sweetleaf, seeds

Manufacturer: Tropica

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1x Stevia - sweetleaf, seeds

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